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Here you can learn about the Navajo Universe and ordereducational materials suitable for families and classrooms.

Sharing the Skies: Navajo Astronomy, A Cross-Cultural View, by Nancy C. Maryboy Ph.D. and David Begay, Ph.D. In this book you will find an introduction to the Navajo Universe, stories of the Navajo night skies, an introduction to Greek Astronomy, an introduction to space science, full color paintingsof Navajo constellations images from the Hubble telescope and engaging education activities

Dine (Navajo) Universe.A full color poster of the Navajo sky with Navajo/English names and locations of Navajo constellations

Stars Over Dine Bikeyah(Stars Over Navajoland):Winter Stories of the Navajo Constellations.A CD of music and story, featuringtheorigins and values of the Navajo constellations,as told by elders to families in a traditional Hogan setting.

Sharing The Skies Book

Dine' (Navajo) Universe Poster

Stars Over Dine' Bike'yah

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